TruAlign Wheel Alignment Equipment Guaranteed to NOT Scratch Your Wheels

Don’t Scratch Your Wheels! If your car doesn’t drive straight when you let go of the steering wheel then YOU NEED a wheel alignment. If you have nice wheels and don’t want them to get scratched by the wheel alignment equipment then make sure your tire shop is using the TruAlign wheel alignment equipment that is guaranteed to not scratch your wheels. TruAlign also gives you a more accurate alignment by aligning straight to the hub. Basically all you need to know is that TruAlign works so well and is such a great idea that it won a SEMA award for Best New Product. I like to keep my things looking nice and when it comes to my car, that I love, if someone is gonna scratch it then it better be me. So its nice to know there is a wheel alignment product out there that will not scratch my wheels and keep me driving straight, especially after watching Ken Block videos and thinking I too could be a rally car driver.

Horsin Around Jewelry Perfect Gift for Animal Lovers!

Need a gift? Handmade Jewelry Designer Maryelaine Harris has got you covered. Girlfriend, Mom, Sister, Friend? Horsin Around Jewelry is your perfect gift. Fresh styles to choose from or custom design your necklace, bracelets, earrings and more to be that special gift she will love forever. Horsin Around Jewelry is handmade with the highest quality gems, leather and .999 silver. Put a smile on her face, and show her you have good taste!

Pope One Art – Unique Abstract Art

Pope One Art is abstract art with an unique twist. Pope’s passion, other than painting, is his love for cars. As an Italian, this love is of course geared towards two beautiful italian exotics. Car makers that have arguably invented colors. Pope collaborates these two loves by incorporating actual super car paints into his abstract art. Popes one of a kind paintings have made their way into hands of the fortunate few from top music producers to Hollywood celebrities, in fact a young pop star whose name we aren’t permitted to mention just picked one up. You too can own your very own Pope One Painting, its not cheap, but it’s possible. For more info check out


Experience My Company – Customer Point of View Video Reviews

Experience My Company is customer point of view video reviews of the best companies and coolest products.

Do you like checking out new or cool companies or products?  We do.  In fact we did SO much that now we do it non stop. We experience companies and products that we feel are really cool and then show you the experience we had. We look for companies and products that stand out. Anything you see on our site will have that Oh Wow effect. We experience the company or product first hand record it all and then bring it to you in a customer point of view (POV). Experience My Company not only finds the cool companies and products but gives you the closest thing to a “try it before you by it” review. We are proud to be the first video review site for cool companies and awesome products.

Company Video Reviews and Product Video Reviews from a Customer Point of View

The first post for Experience My Company will be coming soon. I know you all are eagerly awaiting all the awesome company video reviews and video product reviews. So many cool companies and cool products all reviewed on video for your customer point of view experience. I love seeing the best new products or checking out really great companies, but they are usually just pictures. The more I found out the more I found these companies and products before others. So I formulated a team of experts of cool stuff to bring you all of it right here where you can Experience My Company.